Best Algo Trading Software in India 2023

Best Algo Trading Software in India 2023 is a form of automated trading which uses algorithms to execute trades automatically and increase accuracy while uncovering market opportunities that they might miss manually. These platforms enable traders to execute faster and more accurate trades while finding potential market opportunities they might miss otherwise.

Zerodha Streak, Upstox Algo Lab and Angel Broking ARQ Prime are three of India’s premier algo trading software platforms that allow traders to create and deploy trading strategies without needing programming skills.

Best Algo Trading Software in India 2023

Interactive Brokers India

Interactive Brokers India provides powerful tools and investments tailored to suit the needs of traders both novice and seasoned alike, such as their IB Trader workstation which offers low commissions and fees for both margin trading software and global market access, in addition to educational resources and research that compliment these tools.

IBKR’s investment options include mutual funds and ETFs. In addition, the company provides several hedging strategies designed to protect your portfolio. IBKR’s global markets team strives to give clients exceptional service.

The company provides comprehensive customer support through an FAQs page, forums, video tutorials, email support and phone assistance. They also feature a secure document upload feature so users can submit any necessary paperwork quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, multiple deposit methods make funding your account simple.

SAS Online Alpha Trader

SAS Online Alpha Trader is an online trading software designed to deliver an integrated trading experience using advanced technical charting. This intuitive platform makes trading accessible even to traders with no prior computer knowledge; additionally it includes features like backtesting, real-time market data updates and strategy customization for traders of any experience level.

This software gives users access to trading on BSE, NSE and MCX markets. It features various trading software options – from order types and real-time quotes to market watchlists – along with over 80 technical indicators and 10 charting types.

SAS online’s partner model is ideal for anyone starting their own stock trading business, offering partners attractive revenue potential while building experience and brand. Furthermore, clients are offered support through robust technology infrastructure while partners can use social networking and training programs to attract new clientele while earning instant bonuses or commission for each referral they make.

Upstox Algo Lab

Upstox Algo Lab is an Indian stock trading platform offering algorithmic trading strategies with automated execution capabilities and various advanced features such as order management, positions tracking, one-click square off and more. It also has a user-friendly interface compatible with multiple monitors for trading purposes.

Upstox supports multiple charting platforms such as Amibroker and Ninjatrader (desktop and server editions). It consists of a DLL that needs to be installed into Amibroker’s plugins folder for use. Once this step has been taken, Upstox can begin providing its services through your account with us.

This platform offers APIs to connect directly with the market and access real-time data and prices, as well as automatically booking profits when shares reach your target price.

Upstox trading platform was designed by RKSV Securities and is an established discount broker. Customers can trade equity (delivery & intraday), futures & options (future/option), currencies and more using Omnisys Nest Software Solutions which also provides customers with free demat account.

Angel Broking ARQ Prime

Angel Broking has developed an outstanding tech-enabled product suite to offer secure and seamless digital journeys for its 7 million clients, including Angel One mobile app and Angel BEE mobile app; ARQ Prime rule-based investment engine; SmartAPI free API platform; Smart Money investor education platform and SmartStore marketplace for fintech products – to name but a few!

ARQ Prime utilizes algorithms to efficiently sift through thousands of stocks and select winners for equity investment, offering growth stocks, value stocks, momentum picks and mutual fund recommendations based on merit. Each recommendation receives its own ARQ score which is determined using various data points.

ARQ Prime requires you to be an existing client of Angel Broking. Once you open an account either online or offline, trading software begins with zero brokerage during delivery trades and margin funding allows you to borrow against your equity positions for buying more shares. In addition, ARQ Prime provides pre-applying for IPOs via WhatsApp and trading over 5000 stocks – along with accessing charting tools – plus many other features and benefits.

Symphony Presto

Symphony Presto provides a comprehensive platform to design, test, deploy, monitor, and execute fully automated trading or execution algorithms in any asset class available on Indian exchanges. It includes an Order Management System (OMS), complete with database storage capability and API connectivity with Indian exchanges – ideal for Active Traders and Asset Managers working on custom strategies. In addition, VPS hosting within your LAN trading server helps prevent internet disconnection issues for an annual cost of Rs 2,500.

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