5 Best Automated Algorithmic Trading Software in India

Algorithmic trading, also known as automated trading, uses computer programs that trade based on pre-programmed criteria to make profits more frequently and quickly than human traders could.

Selecting an effective algorithmic trading software platform is crucial. Faulty pieces of software can result in massive losses in lightning-fast trades.

Algorithmic Trading

Tradetron Tech

Algorithmic Trading is an integral component of India’s stock market, with volumes increasing at India’s premier derivatives exchange by over 50 percent since 2010. This growth can be attributed to high-tech software that automates trading decisions allowing traders to take advantage of opportunities in the market while simultaneously decreasing risk and protecting investors’ profits.

Tradetron Tech Algo Platform enables traders to create, backtest and deploy trading strategies. As it’s cloud-based and offers seamless connectivity with Upstox and Zerodha platforms, users can create trading algorithms with historical data to refine their strategy further while finding other trading strategies on its marketplace.

One key advantage of Algorithmic Trading software is its automatic incorporation of risk management rules. These include stop-loss orders and profit targets as well as position sizing algorithms that aim to limit losses significantly. Furthermore, this algo trading solution allows traders to simultaneously execute trades using multiple algorithms which could ultimately produce better results.

Omnesys Nest

NEST Trader is an automated Algorithmic Trading platform designed to automate trading operations for traders. Utilizing algorithms, NEST Trader accurately identifies profitable trading patterns and executes trading orders automatically. Furthermore, its risk detection and management features allow traders to optimize performance – while its user-friendly interface and extensive range of trading tools make NEST Trader an indispensable trading solution.

Nest Trader provides an array of trading features, from 360-degree analysis and advanced charts, real-time market data and news access, alert settings and customizing shortcut keys – perfect for both beginner and experienced traders alike! Additionally, this software is fully compatible with ODIN trading platform making it an excellent option for all.

Omnesys Nest is an algorithmic trading platform in India used by brokers, exchanges, traders and prop trading desks around the globe. It features a full-stack solution including an Order Management System and pre-trade risk management systems; as well as FIX execution capabilities and APIs for both buy-side firms as well as back office solutions like trade generation and post trade analytics.

Zerodha Streak

Zerodha Streak is an innovative tool that makes algo-trading effortless without the need for coders or programming expertise. Users can design and backtest trading strategies before deploying them live market. In addition, this platform features technical indicators designed to increase profitability.

Algo-trading platform available as portable app compatible with both Android and Apple devices. Similar to its web version, its mobile app works similarly, though some features may be affected during times of high traffic. Notably, this service does not come free-of-charge; users have three plans available to them: Basic, Premium, and Ultimate.

Once a strategy is in place, Zerodha Streak will automatically monitor and track stock movements, informing you if the conditions of your strategy have been fulfilled. If the results don’t satisfy you, edit metrics for improved performance; but keep in mind that any system is only as effective as its strategy itself and any money wasted through attempts to alter performance is lost forever.


Tradestation, launched in 2001 and designed specifically to cater to professional traders, offers desktop software allowing traders to design, optimize, test and automate custom trading strategies. You also gain access to an assortment of trading indicators and Radarscreen for real-time tracking of investments. In addition, over 40 market data sources can be accessed directly, and multiple options trading tools such as simulated trading and automated investing are provided along with its EasyLanguage code to write custom algorithms which run on this system.

Tradestation offers many advanced features, but isn’t recommended for beginners due to the amount of computing power it requires for use. Backtesting and analysis can cause hardware to slow down or crash during trading sessions. As a more user-friendly alternative, TradeStation Web Trading provides simpler access while still providing essential tools hard to come by elsewhere; furthermore it comes backed with 24hr phone support.

Trading View

Algorithmic Trading View is an online platform designed for traders and investors to customize technical indicators and analyze financial assets. Available both as a free desktop version as well as mobile app, Trading View’s features include a built-in stock screener as well as support for many brokers. Furthermore, its community features such as Streams and Ideas allow users to share their analysis and advice with fellow traders – although sometimes with trolling or subpar advice being shared within this group.

Pine Script’s proprietary scripting language gives traders and investors the ability to develop custom Algorithmic Trading signals and strategies by programming complex indicators based on price data or mathematical functions, creating custom charts to compare data across time frames or assets and even overlay several charts for greater insight into market trends.

Algorithmic Trading View’s alert system notifies traders and investors when the market fulfills their custom criteria, such as when certain indicators reach specific values, or drastic price movements occur. They can receive alerts in various forms – visual popups, audio signals, emails and texts are available; additionally these servers-backed alerts don’t lag like desktop programs can.

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