5 Powerful Algo Trading Apps In India To Boost Your Trades

There are various algo trading platforms that help traders automate their trades. They do this by identifying profitable trading patterns and then placing trades automatically for them.

Some platforms provide back testing and other features to assist traders in making sound decisions, allow rebranding of the platform and generate detailed market analytics reports.

5 Powerful algo trading Apps In India To Boost Your Trades


ODIN is India’s best algo trading software that enables traders to develop, backtest and deploy their own trading algorithms without any coding required. It features an easy user-friendly interface which makes tracking markets in real time and managing positions simple while backtesting allows traders to test strategies against historical market data.

An algo trading platform designed for Indian brokers like Zerodha, AngelOne, 5Paisa and Kotak Securities that supports complex strategies like basket trading and order slicing as well as generate reports based on market analytics and financial data.

Tradestation is another popular platform, enabling traders to customize their trading experience by organizing all of their trading, scanning, analysis and market data tools into multiple workspaces. Tradestation’s artificial intelligence detects trends based on past performance that assist traders in making intelligent trading decisions while automatically placing trades when specific conditions are met – providing intraday traders with an invaluable way of increasing profits.

2. Robotrader

Robotrader is an algo trading software designed to assist traders in making better decisions and increasing profits through automated trading. The app automatically executes orders based on market movement trends for an effortless trading experience – all while offering a host of features designed to boost returns on investments.

By using this algo trading software, traders can easily trade in the NSE, MCX, BSE, and F&O markets with real-time market data, customized strategies without any coding, back testing capabilities and risk percentage settings allowing for overtrading without losing money.

This algorithmic trading software is free and comes with an intuitive user interface, powered by an Esper engine capable of processing up to 5 lakh events per second. Furthermore, this algo trading platform supports many brokerages such as AngelOne, Zerodha, Kotak Securities, 5Paisa as well as existing portfolio integration via various languages making this algo trading platform user-friendly for traders worldwide.

3. Omnesys Nest

Omnesys NEST is a widely utilized algo trading software with multiple features for stock traders. It helps automate various trading activities like basket trading, 2l and 3l spreads, order slicing and option hedging strategies for improved investment returns. As a premium tool it contains cutting edge tools and features designed specifically to assist traders with their investments in the stock market.

Operates at high speeds and is designed to support complex algorithmic trades. Capable of handling five lakh events per second, and offering advanced technical indicators and features. Suited both novices and seasoned traders.

Zerodha’s Trading Bot provides users with the tools necessary to quickly develop and automate trading strategies without needing to program code, test trading algorithms and validate strategies without writing code themselves. Users can create long- and short-term investment strategies easily using its easy to use graphical user interface as well as real time data on multiple trading assets supported by Zerodha. Ideal for beginners or investors wanting to automate trading strategies this tool provides free trials and unlimited backtests – ideal for Zerodha customers!

4. TradeTron

Through this algo trading software, traders have access to real-time market data. It helps traders reduce risk and maximize profits by dynamically adjusting entry points, stop losses, targets and exit points based on market volatility. It also features robust backtesting & optimization tools so traders can improve their strategies and make informed trading decisions.

Algo trading software India also features a social trading feature that enables traders to connect with other traders and learn their strategies, without needing extensive coding knowledge or programming knowledge. Furthermore, this platform boasts fast and reliable trading, making it one of the most advanced algorithmic trading systems available in India.

Traders can utilize this platform to develop strategies, backtest and automate them. It offers various features including order slicing, basket trading, 2I and 3I spreads as well as intelligent square-off mode – perfect for traders based across India! Plus its powerful AI detects trends based on historical performance while making recommendations. You’re welcome to try it for free too.

5. Zerodha

Nithin and Nikhil Kamath founded Zerodha with the belief that “its product should do all the marketing.” To follow through with their vision, Zerodha first offered lower brokerage rates than full-service brokers while providing free research tools that rival paid ones available on the market.

The company provides traders with a mobile app, desktop platform and website to conduct trading activities. Users can quickly trade equity, commodities, currencies and futures via these apps while accessing research tools for technical analysis as well as customer support agents via telephone and email.

Zerodha offers an impressive list of features, such as an advanced charting system with customizable settings. There are more than 1,200 prebuilt indicators and traders can build custom strategies; backtest and deploy these algorithms live into the market within minutes. UPI ID payments can also be made instantly. In terms of security measures used by Zerodha to protect investor data – two-factor authentication and time-based one-time password (TOTP). It is possible for any bank account to use Zerodha; however the company encourages their users to open separate bank accounts specifically dedicated for Equity and Commodities investments.

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