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A Comprehensive Guide to Market Reversals

Traders can experiment with Parabolic SAR settings until they find what suits them best. Wilder found that setting their maximum step at 0.02 and acceleration factor (AF) of 0.2 was most suitable for novice traders. A momentum indicator displays on a chart as a series of dots above or below an asset’s price candles, signalling when their position changes and …

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Unravel the Trend Mystery With This All-in-One Indicator

Ichimoku cloud is a trend indicator used to spot high probability reversals. Additionally, this tool can assist traders with riding trends successfully and closing trades profitably. The Ichimoku cloud consists of five lines that combine to produce both momentum and trend signals. Let’s take a look at each component of this indicator: What is the Ichimoku Cloud? Ichimoku Cloud is …

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How to Gauge Trends and Reversals With This Percentage-Based Indicator

Rate of Change Indicator (ROC) is a momentum technical trading tool. It compares current prices with those from a defined number of periods ago and plots this data over or under a fixed Zero Line. ROC can assist traders in detecting divergences, overbought/oversold conditions and centerline crossovers. Furthermore, traders should look out for trend reversal opportunities when the indicator touches …

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