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BigProfit: India’s #1  Share Market Trading Tips App

With over 175000+ Happy Users and counting, 60+ SEBI Registered Analyst, Ranked #1, BigProfit  is most trusted Stock Market tips app in India.

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Invest your money and trade wisely by following tips of SEBI Registered analyst and steadily grow your portfolio
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What is BigProfit  !!!

BigProfit ?

BigProfit is India’s No.1 and only application which helps Indian stock market Investors to take wise decision in Stock market. We are a platform where users can take research and advisory services from more than 50+ SEBI registered Analysts and Advisors, Our empanelled analysts provides highly accurate stock market tips , Commodity tips and other stock recommendations.

Why Use BigProfit ? why not direct analyst !

  1. Robust Customer Support which otherwise you will not get directly, as analyst will focus on research not on you.
  2. On our app we assure you that you will get much reasonable price then directly from analyst.
  3. We also provide free credits, cash backs , discounts and other promotions which you will not get directly.
  4. No Single analyst is perfect in all the segments, so you need choice, which directly going to analyst will not be there.
  5. We provide accurate past performance and tips data, as analysts on their own website will show incomplete data about tips. On their own website they may show good picture to mislead you.
  6. Our app uses Latest technology to provide real-time information in milliseconds of time.
  7. Auto activation of Services instantly just after subscribing, but in case of direct analyst you need to deposit cash and then follow him over the phone for activation of service.
  8. Full control to manage notifications and instant activation and deactivation of SMS service through app itself.
  9. You will also get legal and proper bill/invoice instantly on the app as well as on your email.
  10. Easy renewal on a click, but in case of direct analyst you again need to deposit cash and call him again and again to activate the service.
  11. Easy tracking of all your transactions and subscriptions on our app.
  12. If Analysts failed to provide stock tips Refund option is there, which otherwise will not be there directly.


SEBI Registered & Verified Analysts

The analysts who are empanelled on our app provides various Stock market tips & Commodity tips by using Latest Technical Tools and software, users can get free stock tips from all these analysts and can easily subscribe there paid services by making online payment through our secure payment gateway. We take due care while empanelling that they are SEBI compliant. We don’t provide any share market recommendations on our own, rather all recommendations are given by empanelled analysts. We also don’t employ/give any salary to any of the analysts. We only take a nominal commission for providing a platform to them.


Our Stock market tips app is highly transparent, users can check all previous recommendation given by analyst as well they can also check their ratings, given by other paid users.

In our app user can see ranking of these analysts with respect to the service category, this ranking is automatically generated on monthly basis by their success ratio. Users can get free daily investment tip by subscribing analysts using free credits given.

BigProfit helps users to take sound stock market decisions by giving other information like

  1. Brief Profile of Research Analyst
  2. Ask Analyst, a feature where user can directly ask question with analysts.
  3. Stock Specific reports & news
  4. Real-time news
  5. Blogs to educate the investor

How to use BigProfit app for Stock Market Tips

Our app is very simple anyone can download and register by using his valid mobile number. After log-in to the app you are required to define your investment profile/risk profile by selecting the type of profile you are interested. These profile are based on kind of service you are interested like Equity Intraday, Future Intraday, Commodity positional. Once registered users are given 2000 as free credits to subscribe free trials of various analysts. As per SEBI norms users are also required to do KYC with BigProfit/ analysts. The stock recommendations are provided through notification service which assures that information to users is reached within one second of dissemination, Paid users can also get these recommendations on SMS.

Once login you get following screen

1.Tips Screen showing all the stock tips by analysts.
2. Reports Screen showing market reports.
3. Real Time market News
4. Analyst screen where you get information about all the analysts.
5. Analyst screen is divided into two portions. All Analyst and Top Performers-Segment wise.
6. Analyst Profile Screen, to know all information about particular analyst.
7. Profile screen with options to upload your pic, change password, transactions, wallet recharge etc.
8. On profile section you can enable the SMS option if you have taken paid subscription.

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Disclaimer :

  1. Investments in securities are subject to market risks, which includes price fluctuation risk. Analysts may or may not have positions in this stock/commodity. No representations shall be entertained that the predictions made herein will be profitable or otherwise. App Subscribers using the information contained herein/App are solely responsible for their actions. The information is based on our personal assessment / judgment and we shall not be liable for any losses and damages.
  2. There is no assurance or guarantee that the objectives of any of the products mentioned in our App or on this site will be achieved.
  3. As a business, We only serve as a platform to connect users and Analysts. All the Stock Recommendations are provided only by these analysts from there own panels. We are just an IT company which build an platform. We only charge a commission on the subscription sale of analyst.
  4. As a business, we DO NOT offer any direct or indirect execution services.