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Top 5 Best Automated Algo Trading Software in India

Automated algo trading software in India enables traders and investors to trade at high speeds using pre-programmed computer programs. Furthermore, such software programs help traders make accurate decisions that lead to increased profits.

An intuitive trading interface to easily develop trading algorithms without knowledge of step-by-step coding, this tool also allows for backtesting strategies on historical market data before deploying them live into the markets.

5 Best Automated Algo Trading Software in India


Algorithmic trading is an invaluable asset to stock traders that enables them to place trade orders quickly and accurately without the need for constant monitoring of live prices and graphs, while simultaneously finding trading opportunities that might otherwise go undetected by humans. Algo trading also increases market liquidity while helping reduce human-based errors that can lead to significant losses – yet many factors should be taken into consideration when selecting an algo trading software in India.

Automated Trading Platform provides a comprehensive platform for developing, testing and deploying automated trading algorithms. The software allows you to analyze large data sets to detect profitable trading patterns; supports multiple trading assets; and gives an instant view of daily profit/risk data – an indispensable resource for beginner as well as experienced traders alike.

This algorithmic trading tool aims to maximize your stock trading skills. With end-to-end trading algos that enable users to take full advantage of market conditions, such as economic calendar and news release schedules, effective grades, historical data and 31 different languages available for user interface use; its purpose is to maximize trading performance.

This top-rated automated algo trading software in India not only offers an array of trading algos, but also boasts an impressive array of features to make trading more enjoyable. These include back testing which allows traders to assess the profitability of their trading strategy using historical data to reproduce trades and assess effectiveness as well as independent strategy writers library copy trading virtual hosting features.

This algo trading tool is a premium solution offering multiple trading facilities such as order slicing, basket trading, 2L and 3L spreads and fixed income investing marketplace. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with major Indian brokers such as Zerodha, AngelOne, Kotak Securities 5Paisa Trader IIFL as well as US exchanges such as NYSE and Nasdaq for seamless operation.

Zerodha Streak

Zerodha Streak is a platform that empowers traders to engage in algo trading without needing coding knowledge. Featuring an intuitive user-interface that’s simple to navigate, Zerodha Streak allows traders to develop and backtest trading strategies easily while also offering technical indicators and tools to make informed trading decisions. Available both for Android and iOS devices.

The app offers several pre-existing algos that users can customize by changing certain parameters. They can, for instance, adjust candle interval, quantity, stop loss percentage and take profit percentage to optimize their strategy. Once optimized they can test on virtual accounts before moving it live market; depending on results they can change parameters or remove altogether a strategy.

Zerodha Streak stands out among similar automated trading platforms because its trial period is free for traders to test out, while only charging nominal fees when trading actual accounts. While its nominal fee structure may not compare favorably with some similar software programs, it should still be kept in mind when selecting an automated trading platform.

Zerodha Streak offers traders various plans, both free and premium, that meet their trading needs. The free plan provides up to 200 daily backtests with 25 live deployments; its more costly counterpart offers additional live deployments.

If you want to lower the risk of losing money, avoiding trading during volatile markets is recommended. But keep in mind that no matter how careful you may be in selecting investments or trading time frames, losses cannot always be prevented; hence the need for a solid risk-management strategy and short-term trading planning is crucial.

Streak is an algorithm-based trading platform geared toward retail traders that provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface without the need for programming skills. Easy installation and compatibility make this an excellent option for novice traders looking for their first algorithmic trading experience. Support and resistance levels make Streak an excellent option as well.

Tradetron Tech

Tradetron Tech is an award-winning automated algo trading software in India that makes it easy to develop, backtest and deploy your own trading strategy. Its drag-and-drop web interface enables you to design complex conditions without needing to write any code yourself; additionally it connects with multiple data providers providing near real-time market data in stocks, futures, options and commodities markets as well as its user-friendly design makes for effortless navigation and usage.

Tradetron offers another key feature, its ability to remove emotional bias from trading decisions. This helps traders avoid large losses and increase trading profits. Furthermore, this reduces risks related to technical glitches; but for beginners to automated trading software it may be wise to first try using the free trial version before making significant investments.

This platform supports both traditional and digital assets, providing traders with access to a comprehensive library of trading strategies for both fundamental and technical analysis, which they can then apply directly to their portfolios. Furthermore, the platform features numerous charting tools as well as sophisticated algorithms designed to make smart investment decisions.

Your interface allows you to track real-time prices of stocks and market trends. Automatic buy and sell orders based on predefined conditions are also possible, along with monitoring multiple portfolios simultaneously. Mobile access provides traders access their accounts from any mobile device while notifying them when a new order has been placed.

This platform features an easy and straightforward user experience, making it the ideal platform for novice investors. You can trade from any location with most devices compatible with it; its user-friendly design lets you trade from any device. Furthermore, the backtesting tool enables users to test trades using historical data before making live decisions; furthermore it features built-in calculator and customizable risk management settings – additional benefits of which may also be found here.


This top-rated automated algo trading software in India is one of the most comprehensive trading platforms available, featuring customizable trading algorithms, multiple charts and watchlists, third-party news feeds, technical analysis tools for all asset classes supported and an intuitive user-friendly interface making it user friendly for beginners as well as automating stop loss procedures for traders.

Automated trading software can make trading more efficient by helping you to execute trades more quickly without constantly monitoring prices and graphs. Furthermore, automated systems may identify profitable trading opportunities for you that automatically place orders – saving both time and effort as well as money by cutting commissions and fees significantly – though keep in mind these systems do not guarantee profits.

To maximize the use of automated trading software, it’s important to assess how many trading strategies it permits you to employ. Some plans offer limited strategies at no charge while others may charge for more. You should also keep space constraints in mind as multiple accounts may consume memory space on your computer.

Many traders may not be familiar with “algorithm trading” or “black box trading”. This form of automated trading uses sophisticated software to predict transaction decisions in stock markets, making this form of automated investing highly popular among investors who wish to reduce risk and increase returns without manually trading themselves; making their lives much simpler.

Traders can also automate their stop losses with a script running in the background, helping to ensure they don’t miss valuable opportunities because they may not always be online to monitor prices or graphs. Automated trading software can also create algorithms which automatically buy or sell when certain conditions are met, making it simpler to stay ahead of your game.

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