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Why Boarding Schools Are Better Than Day Schools

Boarding schools tend to be situated on gorgeous campuses in beautiful settings; many can be found tucked into mountains, close to historical landmarks or skyscraper-dotted cities. Facilities at boarding schools tend to be of the highest standard; students enjoy activities not commonly found at day schools such as skiing, hockey, golfing nordic skiing swimming and many others. This gives boarding students the chance to pursue their hobbies fully while simultaneously developing non-academic skills useful in real world applications.

Why Boarding Schools are Better Than Day Schools

One of the major concerns for parents when considering sending their child away to boarding schools is whether or not they will adapt quickly enough. Most children do manage this transition quite well and quickly become used to being away from home and studying at the school, meeting new people, being self-reliant (cooking and cleaning themselves) while learning practical skills supervised by trained staff – giving them a sense of independence that will serve them in later life when moving into their own flat or workplace.

Students attending boarding schools gain experience interacting with people from around the globe, which will come in handy later. They gain an appreciation of other cultures, beliefs and viewpoints which will enable them to work in a multi-cultural workplace or travel to various countries when embarking on their careers. Through such interactions they gain a more global outlook that allows for informed decision-making regarding their future.

Staff at boarding schools are highly qualified, often holding university degrees in their subject. This makes them experts in their fields and passionate about teaching young people. Their smaller class sizes allow teachers to provide each child with individual attention that will allow them to excel further at whatever subject matter they may choose to specialize in. Furthermore, these educators can detect when any particular students is struggling and provide extra assistance outside of class hours.

Boarding teachers often remain present at their school outside of normal teaching hours and live on campus, helping to reinforce the student-teacher relationship and ensure that if students need support in any subject area or assignment they’re experiencing difficulty with, their teacher is nearby to offer advice about how best to navigate it all.

Boarding schools typically take care in providing transportation for their students, saving parents the hassle and effort of driving their kids around to sports practice, social events or medical/dental appointments – giving parents more time to spend quality time with their children.

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