Where to Shop Kanjivaram Silk Sarees in Pune

Kanjivaram silk sarees are an integral part of Indian heritage, known for their lavish fabric and intricate patterns that have made them famous worldwide.

Sarees made of pure silk are an integral part of any bride’s trousseau.

Kala Niketan is one of the premier destinations for Kanjivaram saree shopping in Pune, selling these beautiful South Silk pieces for over seven decades now.

1. Textile Infomedia

Online shopping of Kanjivaram silk sarees has quickly become the preferred method among women looking for traditional Indian wear. Online stores provide easy access to collections from sellers, making it simpler for you to locate the ideal Paithani saree for yourself. In addition, they feature filters that streamline search processes; such as color preferences, design details and fashion trends among others.

Where to shop kanjivaram Silk Sarees in Pune

Kanchipuram silk sarees are famous for their long history and tradition, handwoven from luxurious fabric by artisans based in Kanchipuram, South India. Widely worn by brides throughout South India for special events like weddings or other celebrations, their exquisite elegance adds a sense of grandeur.

Pune offers an incredible selection of Kanjeevaram silk sarees at local markets, particularly Laxmi Road and Tulshibaug, both popular destinations for finding these elegant pieces at reasonable prices. In these markets you will also meet fellow shoppers and can compare prices.

Add an edge to your Kanjivaram silk saree by pairing it with a designer blouse and adding delicate accessories, like rings and bracelets, for a chic and modern look. Additionally, drape it as a lehenga and pair with contrasting blouse and simple dupatta for a chic and elegant ensemble.

2. Zardozipune

Kanchipuram silk sarees are exquisite garments woven by hand with a rich history. Also known as Kanchi pattu or Conjeevaram sarees, these beautiful pieces have been worn by royal women for centuries and woven using mulberry silk in Kanchipuram’s magnificent temple town – offering soft fabric that shimmers delicately for elegant grace and graceful beauty.

Kanjeevaram sarees are an integral part of every Indian woman’s wardrobe, representing beauty as well as tradition. Worn at special events such as weddings, festivals and celebrations; with matching or contrasting blouses. There is a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from that feature traditional motifs or modern patterns embroidered onto them.

Add elegance and luxury to your wardrobe by purchasing a Kanjivaram saree online. Many websites provide an impressive selection of these sarees that can easily be searched by filtering according to your preferences; additionally, many also provide price comparison tools so you can locate the best price deals.

Maintaining your saree in good condition is of utmost importance, and there are several tips you should abide by in order to take proper care of it. For instance, keeping it inside a cotton or muslin bag should help protect it from tear damage or creasing; you should also wash it frequently so as not to lose its colour.

3. Viva Fashion

Viva Fashion is one of the premier Kanchipuram silk saree wholesalers in Pune, providing women with traditional and contemporary-styled sarees made of high-quality silk that are highly durable. Their products feature intricate work with beautiful motifs on them that boast soft textures for comfort. You can purchase these versatile pieces to wear to both formal events as well as informal gatherings.

Handwoven silk yarns are used to craft these exquisite sarees. Not only are these garments of impeccable quality and feel; if taken care of properly they could last you your whole lifetime! Popular choices among brides for their beauty and quality.

Tissue Kanchipuram silk sarees have long been associated with tradition in India and mothers take great pride when passing them down to their daughters, exuding elegance and regal charm that never goes out of style. Brides often choose them for their wedding day as well as special events where elegance is necessary.

To protect the appearance of your saree, keep it stored away from light and moisture in a saree bag, placing mothproof measures such as naphthalene balls or dry neem leaves nearby to deter moths from eating it. Refold sarees every three months so as to avoid tears or creasing of fabric from tears or creasing.

4. Fabindia

Kanjivaram silk sarees are world renowned for their intricate designs, high-quality fabric, and rich cultural history. Ideal for Indian weddings, religious ceremonies, and other traditional events; women of all ages may wear one at these events and come in an assortment of designs and patterns that reflect Indian culture. Recently modern designers have also experimented with this classic Kanjivaram style by creating contemporary renditions resembling it.

These exquisite sarees are woven using mulberry silk and feature intricate temple-inspired designs, often including two-tone borders woven using different colored threads for their border. Considered the epitome of beauty, these garments can often be passed from mother to daughter as a sense of pride and heritage.

Kanjivaram sarees can be worn with both plain and embroidered blouses to complete their look, and bead jewelry should complete your ensemble. To keep its color fresh and avoid creasing, kanjivarams should be stored by opening them out and spreading them over a cool surface for at least 30 minutes prior to folding back up again; this will prevent wrinkles while keeping its vibrant colors unfaded.

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