Top Residential Schools Of Delhi NCR 2024

Top Residential Schools Of Delhi NCR 2024 provide students with a safe, supportive environment to reach their full potential and offer extracurricular activities that help hone creative, intellectual, and social abilities.

These organizations foster a sense of community and promote cultural exchange while offering various types of counseling services.

Top Residential Schools Of Delhi NCR 2024

GD Goenka International School Sonepat

GD Goenka International School Sonepat is one of India’s premier boarding schools, established in 2011 and managed by Rattan Lal Jindal Educational Trust. Affiliated with CBSE curriculum, the school features 56 classrooms, a composite science lab, and library for its student population.

Teachers at GD Goenka are committed to helping their students realize their full potential. They believe that students learn best when challenged and encouraged to question the status quo, encouraging independent thinking and problem-solving abilities while cultivating global perspectives. Furthermore, GD Goenka School encourages creativity while cultivating a healthy work culture.

Furthermore, the Residential School boasts a sports complex featuring separate courts for different games as well as a music room where students can showcase their musical talent. Furthermore, there is a well-stocked library which features magazines, periodicals and reference books.

Furthermore, this school provides a safe and secure environment to enable children to reach their full potential. With its large staff dedicated to caring for students’ needs – wardens, matron, housekeeping personnel and wardens among them – healthy meals and snacks are provided along with access to an on-campus health center as well as digital learning systems and computer lab.

Lancers International School

Lancers International School, India stands out as an exceptional educational institution by emphasizing each person’s individuality and nurturing strong a sense of self-worth and responsibility within its students, with the ultimate aim being their success in any chosen fields. They learn to appreciate nature while developing global perspectives while being taught humanitarianism at heart.

This school utilizes the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB) Curriculum for children aged three through 19 in its Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme programs. As an IB World School it has been approved by the International Baccalaureate Organization to offer its programmes.

This school boasts world-class boarding facilities that meet the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of its students. Rooms are airy with ample natural lighting; each block contains lounge areas where students can study or connect with one another. Furthermore, there is a health center providing holistic nursing and medical care for children and adolescents.

Admissions into this school is straightforward, with parents having the option of applying either online or visiting its website. They must submit a registration form, provide all of the required documents, and attend any interviews as necessary.

Amity International School

Delhi boasts a long list of premier schools that excel both academically and holistically, using innovative teaching methods and cutting-edge facilities to foster a love of learning among their student body of all ages. Furthermore, Delhi schools place great importance on character formation and global awareness – you’re sure to find one perfect Residential School here no matter which field your child pursues – be it science, art or sports!

Amity International School India is a co-ed school offering world-class education. Situated in Delhi’s Pushp Vihar area and affiliated with CBSE, Amity boasts an expansive infrastructure featuring air conditioned classrooms, language labs, dance/music/aerobic rooms and an auditorium – everything required for an exceptional learning experience!

The school strives to cultivate children who will become happy, responsible, and compassionate individuals. This involves developing their scientific temperaments, broadening their global perspectives, harnessing entrepreneurial spirit and learning how to contribute positively towards global progress. Furthermore, our goal is also to teach our pupils to understand world needs while contributing towards its expansion.

The curriculum at this Residential School is modeled on that used in Britain and is meant to equip students for success in life and study in Britain. It’s an excellent option for international students looking for study abroad experiences while at the same time learning something valuable about another culture; however, some drawbacks include bullying among senior students and an absence of adequate mess food options.

Heritage Global School

Heritage Global School in India is one of the premier Residential School in the country and provides education from Nursery through High school. Focusing on holistic student development and affiliated with IB, Cambridge IGCSE and CBSE examination boards; offering low student-teacher ratio and exceptional university placement opportunities for its graduates; with an exciting curriculum and extracurricular activities designed to support excellence such as MUNs, workshops, excursions and more, Heritage offers high quality instruction from Nursery through High school education.

The Residential School boasts an extensive array of facilities, such as an advanced indoor sports complex measuring 60,000 sq.ft and a 1000-seat auditorium, designated learning spaces, music, dance and art studios; its curriculum seeks to foster children’s creativity, critical thinking skills and problem-solving techniques while offering them courses such as science and commerce.

The Residential School offers both residential and day boarding for its students. Accommodation for boys and girls are separated, each room including study tables, beds, storage cabinets and LED TVs with full-time nurses; additionally the hostels come complete with modern kitchens and dining areas as well as laundry services and cleaning. In addition, helipad access provides convenient transport access for helicopter transport services.

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