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Top 7 Boarding Schools in Delhi

Boarding schools in Delhi can transform your child’s life with their engaging programs, building empathy and encouraging personal responsibility in them.

Boarding schools also foster an atmosphere of community for their students, offering social activities and facilities designed to make your children feel at ease in a safe, nurturing environment.

 Boarding Schools

1. The International School of Delhi

This international Boarding Schools in Delhi’s heart offers its students an exceptional education. Their curriculum emphasizes both academics and life skills development while encouraging creativity and curiosity through a safe and stimulating learning environment. Their world-class facilities and excellent reputation among expats makes this school highly coveted among prospective families.

Co-ed day and boarding school with an extensive waiting list but worth taking seriously, the school follows both IB and CBSE boards and boasts classrooms, libraries, activities as well as field trips as part of its curriculum; students are also encouraged to develop creatively through hands-on classes and workshops.

This school, as a member of the Council of International Schools, puts great emphasis on learning through play while simultaneously preparing children for university study. Teachers are highly experienced, using various teaching techniques to engage the students. Furthermore, extracurricular activities include sports and cultural events – and this school was recognized for its commitment to sustainability when it won the Eco-Schools Gold Award in 2014. Furthermore, in 2021 it became the first Indian school ever awarded with a Discovery Schools Super League (DSSL) Award.

2. The International School of Delhi

This Boarding Schools boasts one of the city’s largest libraries and offers students an opportunity to study a range of subjects across a broad curriculum. They also can take part in extracurricular activities that provide a well-rounded education. Their academic blocks, labs and classrooms are modern and fully-equipped while an interactive e-learning system enables them to practice learning within an engaging learning environment.

International schools in Delhi provide high-quality, internationalized education that prepares students for university study around the globe. Many offer multiple curricula such as IB or Cambridge Examinations. Furthermore, their diverse student body helps children understand different cultures and traditions better.

The International School of Delhi is an acclaimed school in India, known for fostering an atmosphere of excellence and achievement. Academic standards at this institution are exceptionally high and its students regularly compete successfully at national and international competitions. Furthermore, extracurricular activities offered include sports, art, and music to allow students to develop their interests outside the classroom while making friends outside class time. Furthermore, there is an emphasis on student wellbeing at this establishment.

3. The International School of Delhi

The International Boarding Schools of Delhi is situated in RK Puram and boasts state-of-the-art facilities that give its students a global education. Offering various IB PYP, IBDP and IGCSE curricula as well as numerous labs such as robotics lab, vedic maths lab and design technology lab, it features various educational programs such as PYP, IBDP and IGCSE for its curriculum offerings. Furthermore it features a large library and cafeteria.

The curriculum at our school focuses on cultivating students’ character by encouraging a positive learning attitude and inculcating excellence across every academic discipline. Furthermore, emphasis is placed upon communicating effectively and socializing appropriately within communities while offering various co-curricular activities such as music, art, dance and sports to its pupils.

Teachers and students of this school share a passion for learning; students are encouraged to take risks and be creative, with an emphasis placed on environmental sustainability initiatives which earned it the prestigious ESD Gold Champion Award from Brainfeed. Furthermore, its academic competition winners have garnered numerous accolades, and its music and art program boasts some impressive achievements; its classrooms boast spacious interior design to foster comfort for its pupils.

4. The International School of Delhi

The International School of Delhi offers a unique educational approach. Students are divided into four houses: Purusharth, Parisharam, Prerna and Prarthana and compete against one another inter-clan and inter-school competitions. Teachers and staff strive to create an enjoyable learning environment and encourage creativity and critical thinking among their pupils.

Classrooms at this school are spacious and bright, featuring numerous technological resources for the students’ use, such as a computer lab, library and auditorium. Furthermore, extracurricular activities like dance and music lessons are offered.

Students enrolled at this school should be ambitious and determined to excel, while teachers provide them with encouragement and the resources needed to reach their goals. Students at this school have access to training that equips them for university studies; it has an impressive history of producing top-tier graduates.

PP International School would like to offer its heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for Vyom Goel from Grade IV for winning second place at Inter-School Heritage Wall Competition 2019. In addition, Gatha Jain from Grade 6 made us very proud when she got shortlisted for Times of India Discovery School Super League Round 3 Season 2, we wish her all the best of luck.

5. The International School of Delhi

The top boarding schools in Delhi provide their students with extracurricular activities, sports programs and high-quality education in an ideal learning environment. Students at these top institutions may also develop social skills. Although many top Indian boarding schools may impose stringent rules upon their pupils, those wishing to attend them often adhere to them with strictness levels that vary between schools; all aim at helping their pupils thrive in a positive atmosphere.

GD Goenka World School is an international day-comm-boarding school offering top-of-the-line amenities to its students. Classrooms are spacious and well furnished, while students have access to smart boards, practical labs and practical libraries; plus it boasts an auditorium. Furthermore, its campus is maintained to the highest degree.

This school is known for its luxurious infrastructure and educational facilities, drawing in students from all across the country. Its teachers are experts in their respective fields, winning several awards for innovative teaching methods. Furthermore, the happiness curriculum developed at this school allows its pupils to build resilience while improving mental wellbeing – in addition to opportunities to participate in various expeditions or trips for learning purposes.

6. The International School of Delhi

This school offers an international selection of curricula, from the International Baccalaureate to Cambridge IGCSEs and A-Levels; additionally it offers advanced placement subjects (APs) as well as American high school diplomas. Students benefit from an enriching cultural experience here; many multilingual individuals attend this institution.

This award-winning school offers learning and leadership within an innovative infrastructure, boasting one of the city’s largest libraries. Classrooms are modern and well equipped; labs specialize in PCB design technology, robotics, abacus design technology visual art. There is also an auditorium cafeteria and swimming pool.

Students benefit from its student-centric approach that emphasizes discovery learning and fosters creativity, as well as its emphasis on Indian culture while imparting global outlook. Furthermore, the school boasts various facilities to offer both day and boarding options.

This school, situated at the center of Delhi, provides an impressive range of extracurricular activities including music, sports, dance and arts. Furthermore, its Young Learners English program features three levels: Starters, Movers and Flyers. Furthermore, there is also an in-house band and library stocked with books of various subject matters; plus staff tutoring services available on all subjects.

7. The International School of Delhi

This school operates under an international board of education that features an inclusive curriculum combining aspects from both Indian and Western culture. Students learn through practical labs and classrooms equipped with modern equipment. Furthermore, this school gives its pupils the chance to develop various abilities such as music, dance and creativity while offering numerous sports options both indoors and outdoors.

This school is situated on a leafy green campus and features spacious and modern classrooms with well-stocked libraries and auditoriums. Teachers at this school are highly qualified and experienced; they encourage independent thought while stimulating curiosity while placing strong emphasis on morality.

Our school is an award-winning member of the International Schools Association and has received many accolades, offering moral and religious education, Transcendental Meditation classes, as well as an emphasis on healthy Indian traditions and culture. Nationally recognised as a ‘Healthy School”, students at our school participate in external Olympiads to boost confidence while sharpening knowledge for aptitude exams or competitive tests; additionally we also offer Young Learners English which has three levels – Starters, Movers and Flyers.

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