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Tips For Fireplace Cabinets Design

An inviting fireplace cabinets provides warmth and coziness to any room it graces, often acting as the center point where family and friends gather to share memories and unwind together.

Custom cabinets can add the perfect finishing touches to any fireplace and enhance its design elements. Here are a few helpful hints for designing your fireplace cabinets:

Tips For fireplace cabinets design

Choose a Style

No matter your aesthetic or design goals, fireplace cabinets can add flair to your design scheme. Available in an assortment of styles and finishes – with either symmetrical or asymmetrical structures available – and door styles – fireplace cabinets offer something for every aesthetic or design taste.

Be sure to choose a firebox style that complements both your space and home’s overall design when selecting one for you. Gas fireplaces typically have glass fronts with more linear shapes while wood-burning fireplaces tend to feature classic and stately designs.

If you plan to display a TV above your fireplace, take care when designing cabinetry to incorporate this element. Make sure there are art, vases or other decorations to draw the eye away from it by including artwork or objects that complement your design plan as ways of disguising its presence.

Create an elegant touch in your design by including crown moulding on built-ins around the fireplace. This can be done either alone, or as this homeowner did, over an entire mantel paneling scheme.

Including storage with your built-ins requires considering your individual storage requirements, whether that is closed storage for electronics and gaming equipment or open shelves for display purposes. Solid or frosted glass doors add visual diversity while creating additional privacy.

Decide on a Finish

Many homeowners see their fireplace cabinets not only as a place for gathering with loved ones and enjoying its flickering flames, but also as an integral piece of home design that serves as a focal point. From wooden mantels to dramatic brick walls – there are endless ways to make sure it draws people’s eyes towards itself!

One of the first considerations when creating a space is what kind of look you are trying to achieve. Do you prefer rustic charm, or would prefer something sleek and contemporary? Additionally, mixing and matching design elements may yield surprising results; Flipping Nuts did just this when pairing black shiplap with natural wood mantels to achieve their unique and dark design scheme.

Once you’ve decided on an aesthetic, determine your storage requirements. Are you seeking closed storage to hide away gaming equipment, electronics and other accessories, or open shelving to display memorabilia and decorative items? Built-ins around fireplaces offer the ideal solution as they can be flush with the walls, either recessed or flush mounted for convenient tucking away of gaming gear as well as open display of memorabilia – not to mention come in a range of finishes to meet both these criteria.

Add visual interest and display space by including a mantel in your room – perfect for art, vases and other decorative items! And don’t forget the ceilings by choosing wainscot or board and batten trim that complements the rest of your home; fluted trim works especially well in traditional or rustic designs.

Consider Drawers

Add an elegant look to your home with storage around a fireplace cabinets by hiding extra blankets, family games, and other accessories that don’t belong on a mantel shelf. There are plenty of storage solutions available so there’s sure to be one suitable for every design aesthetic.

Closed storage with cabinet doors will present a more refined aesthetic while concealing clutter. Open shelving may also work, particularly if it features dividers to create more contained design moments. When selecting decorative pieces to place on shelves, consider picking items that make an eye-catching statement about what else lies on display in your space.

Draw attention to a focal point by choosing a monochromatic color scheme. Arrange vases, candles and accessories in different heights but in one color for an eye-catching visual display. Furthermore, group similar shaped accessories like circles and triangles together for maximum impact around your fireplace.

Fireplace cabinets add warmth to your living space without the scent, smell, and fumes associated with wood-burning fireplaces. Their design options range from symmetrical to asymmetrical; flush or recessed designs; with multiple finishes to meet aesthetic goals. If you want something with extra oomph in terms of visual impact consider selecting one featuring unique shapes or striking stonework designs as the backdrop for the cabinet itself.

Select Cabinet Doors

If you’re looking to add closed storage to your fireplace, there are various options to consider. From clear or frosted glass shelves for display purposes to solid metal and wooden fireplace cabinets that conceal clutter – cabinets provide ideal solutions for remote controls, blankets, family games and much more while adding a sophisticated touch to the overall appearance.

Fireplace Cabinet door styles should also be carefully considered when making selections for cabinets. Some styles feature doors that open like cabinets while others use trackless bi-fold. Your choice may depend on what style best matches the decor in your home and decor of course; cabinet doors offer an elegant solution, providing more refined appearance than folding ones while providing energy efficiency and coming in various styles to fit into your design scheme.

Bifold doors resemble closet doors in that each panel hinges in the middle and can be folded back on itself when opening them. They may offer more modern looks with reduced gap lines; however, bifolds may not be as straightforward to operate than cabinet doors.

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