The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Bridal Lehenga

Finding a bridal lehenga that meets your personal preferences and style preferences is one of the most essential tasks for a bride-to-be. While trends may affect what’s on sale in stores, it’s wiser to follow your instinct and choose something you like over what’s trending on the market.

Understanding your body type, selecting fabrics and color palettes that suit you, selecting embroidery and embellishments that complement them and selecting a blouse/abaya design are all integral steps in finding the ideal bridal lehenga.

Bridal Lehenga

Body Shape

Brides who want to look their best on their big day must consider their body type when shopping for bridal lehengas. Not all styles will work the same on every body type; therefore it is crucial that brides find one that compliments them best.

Fabric choice of the lehenga dress is also essential, as it can affect its look on you. Denim, fleece, fake fur and leather fabrics tend to create wider silhouettes and make wearers appear heavier; on the contrary, flowing fabrics such as tulle can help slim your frame.

Another key consideration when wearing lehengas is jewelry selection. Make sure that earrings and necklaces will complement the color and design of your lehenga dress without clashing with its color or design. Renting can also be beneficial; rental services often provide easy returns that simplify post-wedding experience while using eco-friendly fabrics which have become increasingly popular among modern brides.


Your fabric selection plays a significant role in shaping your bridal look. Georgette, for example, can accentuate natural curves while chiffon adds elegance and grace. Velvet also lends its rich texture and adds a royal feel. For outdoor ceremonies, crepe or net fabrics could keep you comfortable all day long.

Your blouse and dupatta are key components of your bridal lehenga ensemble. Popular options for the former include peplums, capes, jackets, double dupattas, crop tops and more. Your dupatta’s color and design should complement the bridal lehenga for a complete, uniform appearance.


Color of bridal lehenga plays an enormous part in its look and mood-setting ability. Traditional colors like red and gold exude traditionalism while dreamy pastel hues like blush pink and ivory add dreaminess and romance. Vivid orange and yellow add warmth while deep jewel tones such as emerald green or sapphire blue emanate elegance and regality.

Fabric selection plays an integral part in creating the beauty and magnificence of bridal lehenga designs. Light fabric that drapes nicely is key, avoiding bulk in the bride’s silhouette and adding bulk. Silk is often preferred by brides seeking elegance and opulence while georgette or satin offer glamorous sheen that flatters figure shapes.

Akriti by Ritika & Shakun offers light organza lehenga designs that offer more subdued bridal ensembles for subtle wedding looks, featuring floral and geometric motifs to accentuate curves while complementing complexions and complimenting complexions. Plus, their stunning embellished details will leave guests admiring you.


Bridal lehengas come in an assortment of styles to meet various occasions and preferences. If you prefer traditional designs, Kundan or Polki jewelry can reflect India’s cultural heritage while more contemporary bridal accessories offer stylish minimalism with modern styling trends.

Fabric of the bridal lehenga is also an important consideration. Silk exudes elegance and opulence while georgette offers light flowiness; velvet adds grace and regal charm.

Blouse designs are also an integral component to consider when putting together your bridal ensemble. As the focal point, it adds charm and elegance to the entire look, so choose a blouse with intricate detailing or an unusual cut that complements the lehenga style and explore different dupatta draping techniques to achieve a distinctive appearance.


One of the key aspects that will influence your selection of bridal lehenga is budget. While there are many aspects to keep in mind when purchasing an ensemble for an important day such as your wedding, setting a shopping budget will help streamline this process and find something suitable without breaking the bank.

By choosing lighter fabrics like organza or georgette, you can reduce the costs of your wedding outfit and add color with your dupatta and blouse while staying within your budget. Embroidery techniques can also be explored while staying within this option’s cost limits.

Sustainable and eco-friendly bridal lehengas have also grown increasingly popular among modern brides looking for fashion with a conscience. These sustainable lehengas use fabrics such as bamboo silk, hemp and linen which are both ethically produced and environmentally friendly; typically more cost effective than their conventional counterparts yet still providing high-quality looks sure to leave guests speechless and make your special day one to remember for years.

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