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How to Use Technical Analysis in Algorithmic Trading

Technical Analysis in Algorithmic Trading

Technical analysis is a trading strategy that uses charts and indicators to identify profitable trade opportunities. It aims to interpret supply and demand forces that drive stock prices. Many traders rely on technical analysis as a tool for decision-making in financial markets, providing investors with greater insights than traditional approaches that focus on macroeconomics and other factors. Indicators Indicators are …

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Algorithmic Trading Vs Manual Trading – Which is Better?

Algorithmic trading (AT) refers to computerized trading that follows pre-programmed instructions in order to complete trades efficiently and minimize costs while mitigating market impact and human errors. The goal of AT is to minimize both these factors while at the same time minimising human errors and their associated costs. Decisions between AT and manual trading should be based on personal …

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How to Evaluate the Performance of Your Algorithmic Trading System

When developing an algorithmic trading system, it’s crucial that you know how to assess its performance. This article outlines key tests you can perform on the system to make sure it is profitable and efficient. Historical tests and walkforward testing can both provide invaluable tools for gauging the performance of your system, although backtest results must be used with caution …

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