Finding the Best Day Cum Boarding Schools in India

Find the top day cum boarding schools in india to ensure that your child receives an outstanding education. These institutions focus on supporting both physical and mental growth within students.

This year, several day cum boarding schools have gained in public esteem; such as Doon International School Riverside Campus located on a large campus near Dehradun.

Finding the best day cum boarding schools in india

International School Bangalore

Bangalore offers much to children, from its welcoming climate and vibrant culture, to some of the finest day cum boarding school in South India. Here, Cambridge and International Baccalaureate curriculum-based schools abound; just search online!

Bangalore International Day Cum Boarding Schools is one of the oldest international schools in the country, established by Eloise Bennett in 1969. Their aim is to offer children access to top quality education while still creating a home away from home atmosphere, with facilities including an extensive library, computer laboratories and smart classrooms – as well as their annual student-run cultural festival called Vivum!

Candor International School in Bangalore, another top-rated international day cum boarding schools, stands out with its state-of-the-art campus equipped with cutting edge technologies including smart digital classrooms and a 6-acre organic farm. Here, students learn through an experiential process designed to develop them into global achievers and pioneer innovators.

Treamis International School in Bangalore provides its students with a well-rounded education. Accredited by both International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), Treamis offers IB-PYP for primary school children while those in grades 6-10 can select either IGCSE or the IB Diploma Programme.

Daly College

Daly College (DC), commonly known in Indore, is an iconic day cum boarding schools with an unparalleled heritage and legacy. Many alumni from DC have gone on to achieve immense success across a range of professions and businesses – this includes many eminent professionals and entrepreneurs.

This international school boasts an outstanding infrastructure. Furthermore, its curriculum helps ease children into boarding life and promote independence in thought and action. Facilities offered at this institution include local visits for bonding purposes; five-star culinary etiquette lessons at renowned hotels; as well as sports activities.

Education World-C fore has consistently ranked it as one of the premier day cum boarding schools in India for several years. Renowned for its sporting facilities and membership of Global Alliance of Leading Edge Schools (GALES) and Round Square.

This day cum boarding schools is committed to creating an equitable environment that fosters lifelong participation in knowledge acquisition. Their focus is to cultivate well-rounded individuals with excellent leadership and communication skills who are socially, emotionally and spiritually secure.

Trivandrum International School

Trivandrum International School (TIS), with views of both sea and hilltops from its campus, is Kerala’s first internationally benchmarked international school. Technopark was initiated by George M Thomas, managing director of Saif Al Harasi Group with the intent to provide world-class primary-cum-secondary education for NRIs and IT professionals residing at Technopark. TIS follows the curriculum established by Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), providing internationally competitive education to its 182 kindergarten-to-class IX students. With a low pupil-teacher ratio of 1:5, and in line with British tradition each child is assigned their own personal tutor who oversees both academic and personal growth of every pupil at TIS.

The school boasts numerous international standard facilities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, music rooms, computer labs and library. Teaching methods at the school rely on inventive thinking, multiple intelligences approaches and differentiated learning approaches for maximum efficiency and differentiation of instruction.

Day cum boarding schools provide an ideal environment for your child to develop his or her talents and interests into successful adulthood. Students gain life skills such as managing relationships, making friends and becoming independent individuals who will become self-reliant adults who know how to balance work with family life – further helping your boarding schooler to build up his or her sense of responsibility and become the adults they are intended to become.

Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ School

Tarangar in Rajasthan is home to this day cum boarding schools renowned for its facilities. Children can learn in an atmosphere free from noise and pollution while parents find access to their children more readily. Furthermore, this institution focuses on girl students to promote education in remote communities where gender biases may exist.

Established by Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, this school serves as an oasis of knowledge and kindness in an otherwise selfish world. Here, children receive holistic education rather than just academic skills training. At its heart is an array of facilities unmatched anywhere else in this region, such as its heart-shaped 450 rooms and dining hall where over 1,000 students can share meals together. The school boasts an extraordinary lift capable of moving large blocks of ice to cool suspended water tanks – something even professional civil engineers find incredible! Just one of many incredible achievements accomplished by this school and their facilities; for more information regarding them please visit their website.

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