How Channel Letter Signs Can Boost Foot Traffic to Your Store

Channel letter signs can draw the eye of passersby and draw them into your store, giving it an edge against competitors. Here are three ways channel letters can help attract more customers:

Compared to other signs, channel letter signs are unique in that they’re 3-dimensional and illuminated – this allows them to be seen day or night by pedestrians and drivers alike, drawing in both parties’ attention at all hours of day and night. In addition, this form of signage is relatively affordable, helping your brand increase recognition with potential customers, while matching up perfectly with your company logo for enhanced brand cohesion and making it easier for your customers to remember your business name and logo.

Channel Letter Signs Benefits

Channel Letter Signs

The price of a channel letter sign varies based on its lighting and mounting options, though you should expect to spend approximately $1000 for a 14″ tall sign featuring 10 letters. Furthermore, larger signs tend to cost more than smaller ones.

Cost of a Channel Letter Signs

LED lighting has become an increasingly popular option for channel letter signs due to its energy-efficiency. Your new sign will use less electricity when lit with LEDs as their light can only generate minimal heat compared to neon bulbs and traditional neon signs. Furthermore, they produce very little heat production, making LEDs safer and more environmentally-friendly alternatives than neon. Halo lighting creates an eye-catching halo effect which will captivate customers of your potential business.

Channel Letter Signs

A strong social media presence can be an excellent way to drive foot traffic directly into your store. Just make sure that the content posted is relevant and engaging enough for your target audience; that way they’re sure to come back later on! Creating engaging posts ensures they will visit again later.

How to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Store

Channel Letter Signs

Organization of in-store events is another great way to increase foot traffic to your store. From product launches and customer appreciation celebrations, these can all be promoted via email marketing campaigns, social media posts or any other mediums used to reach customers.

Channel letter signs can be an effective way to capture both pedestrians and motorists’ attention, drawing passersby in. Their eye-catching illumination and intricate logo can quickly draw passersby in, inviting them in your store. Furthermore, the costs involved with setting up one are quite affordable, quickly paying themselves back by drawing in more customers into your store – thus becoming one of the greatest investments you can make for your retail business!

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