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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using an Electric Screwdriver

An electric screwdriver can be an invaluable asset when assembling furniture or undertaking other projects. But to maximize its effectiveness and minimize injuries, proper usage must be understood to optimize performance and avoid potentially devastating accidents.

Be sure that the screwdriver tip is aligned directly with the screw and apply moderate pressure, in order to produce optimal torque and avoid cam-out.

Using the Wrong Bit

electrical screwdriver

An electric screwdriver may not replace heavy-duty combi drills in driving large decking screws or concrete anchors, but it is an invaluable tool for use around the home and can reduce carrying around multiple manual screwdrivers in a toolbox.

People making mistakes with electric screwdrivers typically choose an inappropriate bit size for each fastener they fasten. Doing this may result in stripped screws, sheared bits, and excessive wear to both bits and screws.

As part of your efforts to avoid cam-out, selecting the appropriate bit and pre-drilling a pilot hole are both key steps. Gripping your screwdriver correctly will also be key – ideally with its handle held by your dominant hand with its tip resting between forefinger and thumb on non-dominant hand so as to apply optimal torque without cam-out occurring (when screwdriver bit slips from its slot in head of screw).

Using the Screwdriver to Drill Holes

electrical screwdriver

An electric screwdriver is an efficient tool for saving both time and effort when working with screws. Its compact size and versatile attachments make it suitable for light-duty tasks; however, proper use is vital to avoid mistakes that could damage workpieces or the tool itself.

Electric screwdrivers feature a bit holder, or chuck, that accepts driver bits with hexagonal shafts. They come in barrel and pistol grip styles with swivel handles that can pivot into either position for easy handling. Corded or cordless options exist but most come equipped with rechargeable batteries either permanently installed into the tool itself or removable and rechargeable via a separate station.

Do not attempt to use an electric screwdriver as a drill; doing so may damage both the screw head and bit as well as the material you are drilling into. Instead, use a power drill instead if drilling holes is required and select suitable drill bits that match both type and size of screw head when making this decision.

Using the Screwdriver as a Hammer

By misusing a screwdriver as a hammer, it can cause irreparable damage and result in personal injuries to both yourself and those working alongside you. Furthermore, improper usage will likely cause its tip to become round or chipped which could harm surfaces you are trying to fasten screws into.

Electric screwdrivers are specifically designed to drive screws. While they’re ideal for light-duty tasks like assembling prefabricated furniture or hanging pictures, they won’t work well when dealing with more delicate materials or drilling holes – for these jobs you will require a more powerful cordless drill instead.

Make sure your screwdriver has the appropriate head (Phillips, flat-blade or Pozidriv) and size for driving the screw you are working with. A good head will fit securely on the screw head without slipping and chewing up its surface; additionally, this allows more torque to tighten it properly. Using a damp cloth after every use can keep your Dewalt screwdriver in great condition for years.

Using the Screwdriver for Damage Repair

electrical screwdriver

An electric screwdriver relies on batteries to power its motor, so selecting one with appropriate voltage and amp-hour ratings for your tasks is important. Some models even allow you to tailor its power for different screws by offering adjustable torque settings.

Some brands also sell an assortment of bits, nut drivers, wrenches and sockets designed specifically to extend the versatility of an electric screwdriver – from wood screws to large lag bolts – so as to increase its versatility and accommodate any kind of screw. This can provide more options to choose from when shopping.

As with your screwdriver tip, ensuring it remains square is also recommended, since any mishap could potentially slip from the screw and damage or harm surfaces you are working on or yourself. To restore a round tip simply grind it with a bench grinder until square again or use duct tape or rubber bands to help it grab onto screws more quickly.

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