7 Best Business VoIP Service Providers in 2023

Large businesses require Business VoIP solutions capable of supporting conference calls with up to 100 participants, such as 8×8. Their solution provides features like Presence Detection as well as integrations with tools like Salesforce, Zendesk and HubSpot for this.

DialPad provides artificial intelligence (AI)-powered business calling, including auto-attendants and transcription applications, CRM integration, mobile app call tracking capabilities and text tracking features.

1. Ooma Office for Business VoIP

Business VoIP

Ooma Office provides an intuitive cloud phone system with competitive standard features designed for small to medium-sized teams. Their plan options may be more limited than their rivals; however, their focus lies more with supporting specific types of businesses like retail stores that require overhead paging and faxing as well as remote or blended teams.

Ooma offers an intuitive account manager designed for both end users and administrators to easily use. They can access their voicemail accounts, call logs, faxes, extensions, phone numbers, virtual receptionist, conference servers and base stations through this interface, as well as set their Ooma device up so it rings only on calls from specific contacts/departments – helping improve workflow and productivity in their workplace.

Ooma offers many business VoIP features to keep businesses connected, including unlimited calling to landlines and mobile phones in both the US and Canada, integration with leading CRM systems for an integrated customer experience across platforms, porting existing numbers over free of charge when switching, HD voice quality for improved sound clarity as well as network redundancy for reliable caller info matching, HD voice quality with HD quality sound as well as network redundancy for greater network redundancy and caller info matching – features which keep companies moving forward efficiently and competitively.

2. Vonage Business

Vonage Business provides small businesses with a scalable cloud Business VoIP solution that is feature rich and reliable, enabling users to personalize their plans, add extensions and manage the system from an online portal. Since this software works over the internet, no cumbersome equipment needs to be installed; users with high-speed internet connections can run it seamlessly on smartphones or desktop computers alike – though plug-and-play IP phones may still be preferred by some users for connecting traditionally.

Integration with CRM and financial packages ensures customer data is readily available for direct interaction with customers and technical support can immediately recognize if there is any history or account issue requiring attention.

HIPAA compliance, which is vital for healthcare businesses that must abide by regulations, is one of the few providers with HIPAA certification. Furthermore, support services include chat, email or phone as well as community forums and knowledge bases to assist customers.

3. 8×8

McDonalds and Shimano are just two of the high-profile clients of 8×8, which provide an extensive array of Business VoIP services. From business phone service and contact center solutions to video meeting services and virtual office options – 8×8 has something suitable for companies of any size. Furthermore, its virtual office option allows companies to split primary cloud-based communication systems across multiple locations while still keeping a single platform.

The standard plan ($24 per month) is less expensive than competitor RingCentral and boasts many features, such as integrations, Internet fax and business analytics tools. Furthermore, both X2 and X4 tiers provide free calls to certain countries outside the US – providing better value than most competing solutions.

8×8 University provides one of the industry’s premier training programs. Offering quick tutorials and on-demand lessons as well as instructor-led courses to end users and administrators alike.

8×8 stands out from its competition by including hardware with their standard plans. They sell desk, cordless, conference phones and business VoIP adapters/headsets. Customers can purchase these items either with one-time payments or take part in 8×8’s financing program; additional software and accessories are also offered so as to maximize its offerings.

4. Mitel

Business VoIP

Mitel offers comprehensive communication solutions that enable businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively, including products for deployment both onsite and cloud, with flexible pricing plans for hardware and services.

Mitel’s unified communications solutions provide teams with collaboration tools that make team communication more seamless, such as presence, one-to-one chats, group chats and video meetings – tools which make teams feel connected whether working from within an office building or remotely. Mitel offers proprietary IP phones as well as open standard models to ensure a high quality experience for their clients.

They also offer a feature that enables business phone calls to be transferred directly from the office to your mobile device, so you don’t have to worry about missing important calls while working from home or traveling.

Mitel has chosen RingCentral as their exclusive UCaaS provider and encourages its customers to migrate over as quickly as possible, using Mitel’s customer information for easier migration – saving both time and money for its clients.

5. Line2

Line2 Business VoIP service provides business phone basics. Their cloud-based solution is simple to use, though more because it resembles what a regular cellphone can already do than because of the unique features enabled by VoIP technology. Still, Line2 remains an attractive choice for smaller companies as most plans include money back guarantees.

The desktop app acts like a virtual version of a phone’s dial pad, with buttons for holding, muting, merging calls, as well as sending them directly to voicemail. Users can also use the platform for sending and receiving texts and group MMS messages as well as using its virtual fax service; all accessible via iOS or Android devices with Wi-Fi or cellular data connections.

Line2 is another straightforward business VoIP solution, similar to Grasshopper in terms of simplicity. The only real drawback it poses is not offering collaborative features or third-party integrations; while this could pose issues for some businesses, keep in mind that its goal is simply helping small businesses manage work-related conversations from personal calls.

6. RingCentral MVP

RingCentral offers reliable business VoIP systems that are adaptable enough to meet the unique requirements of your organization. Their unified communications software platform enables your team with features such as video meetings, cloud phones, business texting, conferencing solutions and contact center solutions – plus they are protected by an extensive seven-layer security infrastructure.

RingCentral allows your team to stay in contact no matter where they are – even outside of office and while on the move. Their user-friendly mobile app ensures maximum productivity. For businesses seeking to streamline communication and productivity, RingCentral is an invaluable solution.

RingCentral also provides an innovative professional text solution, making it simple for your team to communicate easily using their business number from any desktop or mobile device using RingCentral desktop and mobile apps. Furthermore, this helps reduce employee burnout by eliminating the need to check personal phones for work messages.

RingCentral MVP gives you access to over 2,000 pre-installed applications and integrations, plus self-service portal management of phone numbers that enables quick ordering of toll-free or local DIDs or TFNs as well as cancellation of numbers no longer needed with just the click of a button.

7. Twilio

Customers increasingly expect seamless, integrated and engaging communications experiences from companies; however, this can be challenging when their communications technologies are dispersed among separate silos. Twilio offers businesses a solution by offering APIs which help integrate their communications tools.

Twilio’s customer engagement platform rests upon its foundational component – the Super Network. This network comprises different carriers for every route to ensure calls and messages reach their destinations without issue, giving customers the flexibility to quickly scale their communication needs as their needs change.

Twilio provides fully programmable voice implementation so businesses can create a digital communication system by merging phone calls into one cohesive digital experience, streamlining operations. Companies such as GoCardless use Twilio Programmable Voice for their recurring payments service.

Twilio also offers messaging, video conferencing and call recording features that are suitable for small to large businesses of all kinds, with customizable solutions tailored specifically to each company’s needs. They work particularly well when implemented by in-house developers with a dedicated support team tackling technical details, but in more complex instances they may require professional developers instead of IT departments handling implementation themselves.

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