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5 Types of Silk Sarees That Every Woman in India Should Own

Kanchipuram silk sarees are an integral part of every South Indian bride’s trousseau and perfect for special events that require celebration. Woven with intricate gold borders and motifs depicting scenes from Hindu mythology, they make an unforgettable statement at any formal affair.

Dharmavaram handloom pattu sarees, commonly referred to as paavadas, are handwoven using mulberry silk and boast intricately woven motifs of flowers and animals that create richly detailed fabric surfaces.

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1. Chanderi Silk Saree

Chanderi silk sarees are handwoven using an age-old weaving technique that interweaves silk thread with cotton yarn for a shimmering texture and unique sheen, making this type of saree an enduring classic that all women should own. Available in an array of colors, designs and motifs; prices depend on how much zari is included in its borders or designs; Chanderi sarees make an ideal choice for any special event!

Chanderi sarees take their name from the town in Madhya Pradesh, India where they were historically manufactured. Woven on traditional fly shuttle pit looms using two weavers working side by side on one loom, these ultra fine-texture pieces boast translucent hues and translucent designs that have earned them the nickname “woven air”. Constructed from degummed silk making them even lighter to wear and delicate to touch while boasting intricate work patterns unique among fabrics.

Sarees come in various colors and are often decorated with gold and silver zari embellishments, featuring intricately woven patterns such as paisley, floral, geometric designs or embroidery using sequins and beads. Their versatility means they can be worn at formal business dinners as well as weddings; some are even available with subtle hues like white and tan while bolder hues like black and red add visual interest.

Chanderi fabric can also be found in clothing items like dupattas and turbans, making it popular with women looking for a glamorous look – Mini Mathur and Kareena Kapoor were seen sporting Chanderi sarees in Bollywood films at one time; more recently though it has also gained widespread acclaim among Indian brides as an option to consider when dressing themselves for their special day!

When wearing a Chanderi silk saree, it is crucial to pair it with appropriate jewellery. Heavy pieces may detract from its beauty; try pairing delicate items such as filigree gold necklace sets or pearl jewelry instead. This will allow you to showcase its intricate craftsmanship while still looking chic and sophisticated.

2. Kalanjali Silk Saree

Kalanjali silk sarees are made from pure and luxurious silk fabric featuring golden zari at its pallu and borders for added shine. Perfect for weddings and traditional ceremonies alike, they come in an assortment of colors to meet any formal event and can even be worn with any type of blouse! Finding the ideal blouse to complement a saree can be challenging; finding one can make or break its appearance. A perfect saree blouse should complement its beauty while adding feminine charm; yet still be comfortable enough for all-day wearability while remaining stylish and elegant. Choose a blouse that complements the overall design and color scheme of the saree, such as monochromic blouses, matching-colored ones, zari butti designed ones and others.

The Pochampally silk saree is an exquisite piece woven by hand in Telangana, India. Renowned for its geometric patterns and vibrant colours, this piece often becomes part of family heirlooms passed down through generations. Additionally, this durable piece can stand up well in warm temperatures.

Double Ikat silk sarees offer another stylish choice when it comes to silk sarees, thanks to a special weaving technique which gives them their signature texture. Dyed in earthy tones for extra naturalism and decorated with embroidery or beads for decoration, double Ikat sarees make great choices for women who favor natural and rustic looks.

Tussar silk is an exquisite variety of fabric produced in Eastern India by wild silkworms feeding off of Sal tree leaves, giving it its distinctive gold sheen and texture. Tussar sarees typically feature alluring colours with fish motifs to represent prosperity and wealth.

Bengali silk sarees offer another popular choice for women looking to wear traditional Indian clothing. Crafted from pure silk thread, these luxurious pieces can boast smooth textures. Additionally, there are various colors and patterns to choose from, making this garment suitable for any event or special occasion.

3. Patola Silk Saree

Patola silk sarees from Gujarat are highly prized handloom products, revered by generations of master weavers for their double ikat technique and vivid colors and intricate geometric patterns. Furthermore, these sarees hold great cultural meaning; popular patterns featuring lotus flowers with buds and leaves symbolize fertility while designs featuring animals such as birds or elephants may protect women against evil influences.

To create such exquisite sarees, weavers employ an elaborate process which involves dyeing yarn with resist dyes before weaving them together and then tying certain sections in specific ways to keep them from absorbing dye – this creates a striking pattern visible both sides of fabric. However, this weaving method requires skill and precision as each patola saree takes months to finish being created!

While patola sarees are most widely recognized for their double ikat weave, there are other regions which produce them using single ikat techniques. While these may not feature as intricate of designs as double ikat ones, these single-ikat ones make an excellent way to add some tradition and warmth to a wardrobe.

Patola sarees come in an assortment of styles and colors, making it important to select one suited to your body type. If you are short, opt for smaller vertical prints rather than bold patterns on larger sarees with large prints. When it comes to tall women wearing patola sarees, bold patterns will stand out more.

Patola sarees have proven their worth through time by remaining timeless pieces, thanks to exquisite craftsmanship and stunning designs that will remain relevant. Each one should be treasured as an invaluable piece of Indian women art history.

4. Satin Silk Saree

Sarees are one of the classic Indian attires, yet they come in various styles that are appropriate for different occasions. One such elegant style is the Satin Silk Saree; made from special type of silk material that has an exceptionally smooth surface texture while being lightweight for comfortable wearing over longer durations of time. Plus, this type of material boasts an eye-catching shine to make this style both elegant and beautiful!

Satin Silk Sarees are an ideal choice for special events like weddings and festivals. Pair one with its matching blouse for formal settings, or choose another simple blouse to create more casual looks. With multiple color choices available, the Satin Silk saree can easily match your personal style!

When selecting the ideal Satin Silk saree, size matters greatly in ensuring it draps well without becoming too tight or loose. Also important when choosing your satin silk saree is picking a color suitable for the event – from vibrant or pastel colors for festive events, to darker or black options suitable for formal events.

Satin Silk sarees offer one of the greatest advantages, being lightweight and non-wrinkle materials that require little care or upkeep – ideal for busy women!

No matter your style or aesthetic needs, Singhania’s has something perfect. Their online store features an assortment of colors and patterns so that you can find one to suit you perfectly.

Blue satin sarees can add an air of power and confidence, while red satin sarees add an air of elegance and sophistication. If you prefer something more feminine, why not consider pink satin? This hue evokes feelings of femininity and tenderness – perfect for romantic dinner dates or dates with someone.

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