5 Business Signs Ideas to Grow Your Small Business

An attractive business signs can capture the attention of your target market or customer base. It is vital that it utilizes colors, contrast, fonts and sizes that convey your message effectively.

Sans-serif fonts tend to improve readability more than cursive ones, while larger text is easier for readers on smaller signs such as banners or yard signs.

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A-Board business Signs

A-board business signs (also known as pavement signs) are an effective way to catch passers-by’s attention and encourage them to visit your business. Used properly, they can display daily deals, membership bargains or simply let customers know you are open for business – particularly effective in areas with a high footfall such as busy junctions and high streets. When purchasing these types of signs it is wise to choose weatherproof ones so they can remain visible outdoors year round.

A-boards business signs can be customized with your branding, colours and fonts to help set you apart from competitors. When choosing an A-board sign that has high contrast between its writing and background to make reading your message easy for customers. They are especially great for personal services like hairdressers, nail bars and barbers who offer walk in appointments outside their premises; portable and easy to store when not being used makes A-boards an attractive solution for small businesses that need to change their message regularly.

Flag Signs or Banners

Flag banners business signs can help attract attention in an effective and long-lasting manner, ideal for use at business and community events alike. Not to mention they don’t incur ongoing costs like digital marketing does!

For optimal banner design, select colors that contrast each other. A dark background with light text or vice versa will help your message stand out. A banner sign should also be well-align so it is easily read; if using multiple lines of text consider decreasing font sizes on successive lines to improve legibility.

Design that grabs people’s attention immediately can be achieved using short phrases and simple graphics, with professional printing services offering advice as to what will work and which won’t. They will even assist in finding suitable graphics to meet the needs of your business so your business signs remains readable and effective.

A-Frame Signs

A-frame business signs’ double-sided nature allows them to present your message directly in front of passersby’s eyes from both foot traffic and vehicle drivers, making them highly versatile and an integral component at many restaurants, cafes, shops and small business locations. With their dual sided nature they are ideal for communicating menu items, specials events or locations accurately while communicating important details like address or location details.

Displays can also help direct people within your building to specific rooms or areas, such as an online ordering curbside pickup location. In addition, these displays may display health and safety guidelines such as warnings about hazardous chemicals or potential toxins present within a space – great ways to make people aware of potential threats!

Some a-frames feature holes for adding stabilizing sand during windy conditions and others come equipped with center support structures to keep them from flexing too much. These options are particularly ideal for businesses that frequently alter their marketing messaging as it allows you to switch out graphics quickly without incurring significant costs or time commitments.

Vehicle Wraps

We’ve all seen them: vibrant decals or wraps covering vehicles to promote specific businesses or services. While most people assume these decals or wraps are most effective when used by large corporations, can they also serve small businesses effectively?

Yes. A customized vehicle wrap can turn a company car into a traveling billboard that reaches customers every time it travels the roads. A properly designed wrap could generate up to 80,000 impressions every day!

Wraps can make an instant impact when designed with vibrant colors and clear, legible fonts that make reading them from far away easy. In order to ensure maximum impact, emphasize your logo so there’s no mistaking what business is being advertised on it.

Wraps provide businesses with an easy and flexible way to change their message easily with each wrap change, making them perfect for seasonal promotions, special services or limited-time offers. In addition, their low costs make this an affordable way to promote products or services from your business.

Indoor Signs

Small businesses tend to think of signage solely in terms of outdoor advertising; however, indoor signs can play an integral part in brand building and sales. Indoor signs serve as silent salespeople by providing customers with product information they require or alerting them of special sales or promotions.

Poster business signs are ideal for this use; they provide plenty of information in a compact space and are highly visible from afar. To optimize readability, poster signs should use large text with simple font that matches your brand.

Ceiling danglers, which hang from the ceiling, are an effective way to capture audience attention in any retail environment. You can use ceiling danglers to promote products or services – particularly point-of-purchase displays – while also advertising happy hours or rewards programs. ADA compliance is key with indoor signage; ceiling danglers provide important visual and tactile components to people with disabilities who would benefit greatly.

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