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5 Best Luxury Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Luxury kitchens cabinets require extra care when it comes to details – from stunning crown molding and clever storage solutions, these ideas will elevate the culinary space in your home to another level.

For an uncluttered and modern aesthetic, high-gloss kitchen cabinets provide the ideal foundation. Paired with white surfaces like countertops and backsplashes, brass fixtures or hardware complete the look and create an eye-catching space.

5 best luxury kitchen cabinets Ideas

1. Bold Colors

Luxury kitchen cabinets can create a striking focal point in any kitchen, providing homeowners with an opportunity to make a bold statement in their design. While neutral hues remain safe bets, homeowners looking for an eye-catching kitchen design may choose bold hues like blue and green for dramatic effect.

Traditional cabinetry uses veneered particleboard and plywood, but high-end cabinets feature solid woods like walnut. Boasting a Janka hardness rating of 1010, walnut is harder than cherry, and available in multiple colors – its natural grain pattern and deep hue making it suitable for contemporary and transitional designs with flat slab doors, according to Ryan.

Dusty lavender or Arizona dust, two of the Pantone colors for 2021, offer more subdued hues that will still add modernity and space enlarging effects in your kitchen space. Both of these neutral shades require careful color coordination with other aspects of the room such as backsplashes or natural elements like rattan pendants to achieve their intended effects.

2. Mid-Century Style

Luxury kitchen cabinets are often made from high-end materials to add a sense of elegance to their surroundings. Cherry wood, for instance, is often chosen for Mid-Century Modern cabinetry due to its rich reddish-brown hue and close grain pattern – another popular choice is sleek slab doors or modern shaker styles adorned with matte black handles to complete the look.

Mid-Century Modern design is known for its bold colors and sleek lines, yet can also blend easily into earthy boho spaces or minimalist rooms. Add this look with herringbone-patterned floors, mint green cabinetry with matte finishes and minimal hardware, or the Semi-Professional Faucet by Mick De Giulio that brings sophistication into any kitchen space.

3. Turquoise

Kitchen cabinets are at the core of home life, and turquoise cabinets make a bold statement in any culinary space. Turquoise blue cabinetry adds an eye-catching accent that can easily be achieved either through repainting existing cabinetry or investing in brand new custom pieces. Their vibrant hue makes a striking focal point and pairs well with numerous design styles.

When selecting the shade of turquoise you want for your kitchen, it is essential to take into account what kind of atmosphere you wish to create. Lighter tones create an airy and airy ambience while darker hues offer depth and drama. For added visual interest in your space, pair turquoise cabinets with various textures and patterns such as backsplash tiles featuring textures or decorative hardware with designs.

When working with turquoise kitchen cabinets, be wary of using harsh cleaners that could damage the finish. Instead, opt for non-toxic natural products which can effectively eliminate stubborn stains without harming the finish or discoloration over time. Coasters or trivets may help shield turquoise cabinets from hot items that could potentially discolor or warp over time.

4. Hidden Pantries

Many homeowners desire to add custom design touches to their kitchens, such as crown moldings or innovative storage solutions. There are plenty of ways you can add that designer touch.

Hidden pantry designs are an effective way to make any home more luxurious, as they help conceal food clutter and fragile china while remaining easily accessible. These types of kitchen cabinets may be integrated into walls or look like regular cabinetry when closed; additionally they may feature additional unique features like sliding doors or built-in dividers.

To complete the look, choose modern or traditional cabinetry hardware that complements the style of your home. Brushed brass or bronze knobs work well in traditional kitchens while stainless steel hardware suits modern and contemporary kitchens better. Furthermore, select handles with slim profiles so they won’t overwhelm narrow cabinet doors; these details will ensure your kitchen cabinets look their best. Since luxury kitchen cabinets often cost more than their counterparts, consider investing in timeless styles that won’t date quickly.

5. High-End Appliances

If you want to create a luxurious kitchen environment, invest in high-end appliances. Although more costly, these advanced units feature superior design, cutting-edge functionality, and seamless integration into any space in which they reside.

Built-in ventilation systems capture smoke and odor without the need for a hood, while advanced cooking methods help make food taste better. Smart kitchen technology is another common luxury feature, making cooking simpler while staying connected with friends and family while cooking.

Brass accents can elevate the opulence of any kitchen cabinets. With its warm golden color that blends in beautifully with neutral tones such as white, brass light fixtures, faucets, and cabinet hardware can give your space a luxurious aesthetic.

Finally, to add luxurious details to your kitchen you could install a statement chandelier or upholstered kitchen island seating – both can create an air of sophistication that turns any ordinary kitchen into a chic dining area. For an additional luxurious feel choose a metal backsplash with brushed finish for even greater impact.

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