Oil Stocks are bouncing back as the crude oil price climbing up.

We are glad that our soldier is released from Pakistan today. We are happy to welcome him plus market will be slight bullish as the tension settled down with Pakistan. What you can bet for today as the market is looks fine but not great.
        We cannot expect big rally today or next few months as many questions are open. But we strongly recommend to go for bargain hunting because whenever the election is over, we can see big move in market. Any party who wins with majority, market will be bullish. Let me give an good example why we are communicating in this way. In USA, many has communicated if Trump wins we can see 10% correction but it didnt happen where as market rallied well. Because majority of vote count makes Trump to be elected. So BJP or Congress both has majority of seat will make the market to flourish. But we can add one more point, If Modi is re-elected, we can see big bullish in market compared to Congress.
      We can see oil stocks are bouncing back as the crude oil price climbing up. We can see big rally on “ONGC” plus other stocks. Go Long when ever ONGC move beyond 151 – Solid confirmation is there. It will easily test 158 by this month.