A person who is novice to financial market must be thrown with a barrage of advice on stock market. Those who are already in stock market for a long time may advice other prospective investors about their past experiences. Similarly, those who are new to stock market may be looking for advice on stock market from experts.

Before taking any advice on stock market from any outsider, it is important for a novice investor to do research at it’s own level. Apart from this, one should be well-equipped with sufficient capital before diving in stock market. Also, the person must be sure of taking whatsoever risk that the investment in stock market may bring.


In this article, we will quickly know about 5 advice on stock market, which are inevitable for novice as well as experienced investors:


Research: Before getting into the idea of stock market, one should be well equipped with knowledge about the stock market. Merely taking advice from a stock market expert will not be of much help unless the investor does a keen research. Undoubtedly knowledge also comes with experience which is also an important aspect of understanding stock market intricacies. Research about the sectors you wish to invest in. Study about the exact course of time to plunge into the share market and then go ahead with the investment.


Diversified Portfolio: A good portfolio should comprise of both equity & debt. Equity should give enough cushion in an investor’s portfolio to meet any unforeseen situations. It is good to take advice on stock market from others, but it is equally good to devise a well structured portfolio based on self research. This help you to understand where is the loophole and when to mend it.


Risk Appetite: A prospective investor should always be ready to take the risk that is going to come up in future. It is inevitable to suppress the future risk. However, it is always preferable to devise such a strategy so as to curb the future risk. Additionally, one should always be prepared to face the risk on stock market investments.


Capital: A prospective investor should also have the cushion of capital base. This helps the investors to face every kind of stock market situation that is going to come. As mentioned before, financial market is subject to great risk and this risk can be borne only when the investor has sufficient capital base with him.


Self decision: Just not depending on the advice of an expert in stock market is not always a good decision. It is always preferable to decide on the investments to be made in stock market with utmost concern about the growing sectors in the economy. With reference to the past performance of the company one should be prepared to deal with the various stock market tools.