Research Mantra Financial Services predicts Indian stock markets. Started in July 2016, it has predicted markets that earned approx. 20% return on Nifty50. Our latest prediction (published on 29th May) is that Indian Stock markets may witness volatility and the undertone of market may be bearish until mid-July.

Following are the past predictions:

Period Prediction Total Return
April 4th week – end of May Markets may be bullish from last week of April 5.22%
2017 until May end
Mid-March-3rd week of April Markets may be bearish between mid-March and (2.2%)
2017 mid-April
Mid December to March Markets may be bullish despite demonitization 9.5%
2017 and budget dates revision
First half of December 2016 Markets may be bearish in first half 0.9%
November 2016 Suggest no trading due to mixed result of market
October 2016 Bullish  for  the  month  and  some  correction 2.1%
towards end of the month
September 2016 Markets may give away gains made in August last 2.0%
August 2016 High volatility; bearish 3 weeks and bullish after 1.0%
August 22
July 2016 High volatility; bullish first half and negative 1.9%
second half


Shefali Sahita, CFA is person behind the Research Mantra Financial Services . Shefali is a CFA and has completed MS (Finance) and graduation in commerce. She has been an entrepreneur for last 5 years. In the past, she has worked with EY and Dun & Bradstreet in financial consulting domain.

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