Some believe that ‘Investing is Gambling’. However, these terms are very different. Gambling refers to putting your money at risk by laying a bet on the outcome which is not certain. Investing, on the other hand, does not work on such principle. Yes, of course, there lies a risk but together with the security of getting a specified sum of money after some predefined interval of time. We try to answer the questions pertaining to most of the potential traders on where to invest money in India for maximum returns

Stock Market (Invest Money in India for Maximum Returns)

Ensure that you understand how to analyze a share before investing in it. If your investment horizon is for the long run, say 10 years, you could be sure of that you would receive higher returns.

Investment in Real Estate

One of the rapidly growing sectors in the country is the real estate sector, with huge prospects in primary sectors such as housing, hospitality, commercial, manufacturing, retail, manufacturing and much more. Buying a plot or flat is one of the best investment decisions.

Investing in Gold

Gold is the oldest and timeless investment products, as its value appreciates over a period of time. In case you are planning for investment in gold. You could opt for gold investment options such as gold ETF, gold deposit scheme, Gold mutual fund, Gold Bar, etc.

IPO (Initial Public Offerings)

IPOs are very attractive when launched by any reputed company, for instance, the several time subscribed D-Mart IPO. However, with proper study and background knowledge, IPOs are a good long term investment choice with lower risks.

ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plans)

ULIPs are life insurance products that offer risk cover for the policyholder together with investment options for investing in many qualified investments like bonds, stocks or mutual funds. ULIPs provides you the opportunity of earning market-linked returns as some part of your premiums are invested in the market linked funds that are invested in various market instruments including equity and debt instruments in variable proportions.


Here in this article, we want to tell you where to Invest Money in India for Maximum Returns.