ProfitTrendZ is a SEBI registered technical research analyst. We advise clients in Equity and Commodity markets to achieve maximum profits.  Having 11 years of the expertise in the technical research, we have worked with numerous clients and other market research groups. The well-researched analysis have helped the end customers to reap benefits. We provide comprehensive coverage of research services in India. We strive to meet the research needs of the clients. We always work on to keep our research work top notch.  We are an independent research analyst with global capabilities to do a deep technical analysis research for our clients. Also to help our clients to reap high profits possible, we keep improving our bar high in the research. We provide well analyzed calls in the equity and commodity markets. You could choose from a variety of subscription plans. Intraday, positional, weekly packages are available at affordable rates. We have an impressive strike rate between 75 and 80%. Our track records can be verified and has an impressive profits to the customers. We also cover the international markets and provide calls in the international commodity market. We are active in the social media. We are posting our views and research analysis regularly on various platforms including well known and our website.