We Welcome Profit Trendz on BigProfit, Profit Trendz Started in 2005, as a research analyst in one of the leading corporate brokerage companies in India. They had opportunities to serve wonderful customers like you. Profit Trendz has 11+ years of experience in research activities in the commodity and equities market in the Indian space as well as International space. It Gives them great confidence to serve you much better. As a SEBI registered research analyst, the great adventure starts now. With our quality research calls, we strive to attain the mission – maximizing your profits. We have planned all the convenient value packs giving you optimum results. they provide research calls for equities/commodities markets. They provide variable packs like intraday stock tips , positional stock market tips, weekly or monthly holding calls based on your capital and risk appetite. We are reachable on all popular modes of communication and on social media.
We would also like to share with you that apart from giving very good stock market tips , they are also good in making research reports.

Please write to us your valuable suggestions, feedback, queries and the ways to improve ourselves to keep you serve better. We’re happy to help.