Stock Trading research Market is highly unorganized. Major portion of this market is dominated by unregistered analysts. Most of the Investors trade on rumors, brokers advice & Stock market tips & recommendations given by unregistered analysts, unfortunately they tend to lose money on the tips of these analysts. SEBI has recently banned these analysts, and suggested investors to take research and advisory from only registered analysts & advisors. Most of the registered analysts are either not accessible or it’s not convenient for investors to buy their services online.

Investors want various options to choose the best one for them. As one analyst may be good in one type of service and other may be good in another. There is also not a common platform where in past recommendations, performances & ratings of these analysts are visible without any biased intervention. The prices of these analysts are higher as the competition is not face to face. And they cater to small set of investors.


BigProfit is India’s first and only Mobile Application which connects investors with the diverse list of SEBI registered Analysts & Advisors. It’s a Marketplace of SEBI Registered Research Analysts & Investment Advisors who list and sell their subscriptions service of stock market research online through our mobile application. BigProfit is a disruptive innovative platform where investors get these subscriptions at very reasonable prices (even at 1/5th of the market price) due to a common platform and each analyst is competing. So the investors who have never bought or even thought of buying an research service is making a purchase on our app.

On BigProfit It’s both transparent and convenient for investor (Stock Trading) to take trial services of any analyst and to check the past recommendations, performances & ratings of an analyst as we keep a record of all recommendations given by these analysts and performance is generated based on the stock tips & recommendations, once the user is satisfied he may buy subscription services online. Users who take paid subscriptions can give their ratings to analysts on the basis of each service. So that it will help other investors to take their decision. Analyst also tends to perform better. As they are on a independent platform to monitor their performance and make it visible to everyone. Users also given an option to directly ask questions to analyst by paying a nominal fee.