10 Best VoIP Software Apps for Business

The best VoIP software apps make managing business calls and lowering operational costs much simpler, while streamlining CRM workflows to reduce customer service agents needed to address customer inquiries.

VoIP apps make communication simpler by allowing multiple devices to use them simultaneously, making them ideal for mobile workers or remote teams.

10 Best Voip software apps for business

1. Dialpad

Dialpad’s business VoIP solutions feature integrated tools to streamline workflow. Their “Vi” voice intelligence tool takes notes during meetings and automatically emails meeting summaries back out.

G Suite provides an intuitive messaging sidebar for team collaboration that’s easy to use on mobile devices, while simultaneously synchronizing business apps such as G Suite, Microsoft Office and Google Workspace with one another.

Provider offers free fax add-on for its higher tier plans, and is designed to easily scale. Uptime for enterprise subscribers stands at 99.9 percent.

2. RingCentral

With RingCentral Voip, you can connect multiple devices using just one app for phone, fax, text messaging and online meetings – or physical VoIP phones that emulate traditional landlines in terms of their appearance and function.

RingCentral MVP plans offer plenty of features for businesses seeking a centralized communications solution, including a free trial period to test out their system and four tiered subscription packages that enable customizing your subscription package. A great choice if your company needs to centralize communications!

RingCentral mobile and desktop applications are user-friendly, featuring an accessible user guide with tips, articles, videos and tutorials built-in as a resource center. Furthermore, updates are regularly implemented by RingCentral as they respond to Google Play Store reviews and the Apple App Store reviews of users.

3. Nextiva

VoIP apps provide businesses with a comprehensive business solution, enabling them to communicate more efficiently among each other and serve customers efficiently. Many of the top apps for VoIP offer features like CRM integrations that reduce customer assistance agents workload and make processes more streamlined.

Dialpad allows companies to easily route unanswered customer complaints directly to a live agent, customize phone line ringtone and alerts, and stay abreast of customer needs with priority alerts – and all these features come with a free trial for new users!

4. Five9

Five9 provides an app tailored specifically to small businesses and startups with a robust set of features designed to support them, such as artificial intelligence (AI) to assist with issue resolution, call routing, automated messaging systems, canned replies/snippets as well as caller ID features.

VoIP app are among the few that can support call centers without needing desktop phones; also you can make calls over 3G/4G networks without incurring costly data charges – giving your team members a way to communicate no matter their location or device usage – seamlessly switching devices during calls is also supported!

5. MiVoice Business by Mitel

Mitel’s MiVoice Business Unified Communications Platform is built with flexibility in mind. This comprehensive suite of tools includes unified messaging, collaboration and contact center technologies to increase staff productivity.

MiVoice is designed for remote and hybrid work environments, offering a range of collaboration tools such as video conferencing and file sharing capabilities. Furthermore, its fully featured voice mail system and automated attendant make messages accessible anytime anywhere.

The unified messaging system features robust redundancy and can be administered using an easy, web-based program. Available as either an initial capital expenditure (CapEx) purchase or monthly subscription service, the solution works seamlessly across any network infrastructure.

6. Zoiper

Zoiper offers an easy, intuitive app with extensive customizability that makes configuring settings enjoyable and quick to set up; connecting to VoIP services immediately upon launch without the need for extra steps or configuration steps.

Google Voice is an attractive option for business calling because domestic calls are free and multiple devices can be linked. Furthermore, its open API streamlines integrations with third-party software while its mobile apps make calls and send text messages.

7. Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone offers cloud calling and collaboration services on one platform, designed to make communication simple by offering features such as video conference calls, messaging and internal chat.

Zoom Phone offers call queue and auto receptionist features, call delegation, common area phones, shared voicemail inboxes and customizable business hours – plus admins can easily play, delete or download shared voicemails for playback or download.

Zoom Phone provides software integrations for CRM, helpdesk and conferencing software applications as well as local number portability compared to RingCentral and 8×8. However, unlike its competitors Zoom does not feature power dialers and predictive calling features that enhance calling capabilities.

8. Ooma

Google Voice is one of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions available to small businesses. Free to use, it integrates easily with existing phones for an effortless experience.

Dialpad offers mobile and desktop applications that make making calls and holding video meetings convenient and effective for small teams, thanks to features such as call recording and voicemail transcription.

Nextiva’s phone system provides businesses with business insights such as viewing peak call times to enhance customer support and sales teams and reduce operating costs by eliminating long-distance fees.

9. RingCentral Business

RingCentral provides cloud business phone solutions and features such as team messaging, collaboration, conferencing, SMS texting, contact center support and fax capabilities. Their MVP program also supports multiple devices to keep users connected whenever needed.

RingCentral offers both iOS and Android mobile applications. Furthermore, their VoIP desk phones are designed to increase productivity with features like Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity, touch displays and built-in cameras – not forgetting a robust whiteboard tool which enables collaboration during huddle sessions.

10. Mitel

Mitel offers cloud services that are fully customized and feature-packed, such as their PBX solutions with call center integration and Unified Communications (UCC) tools. MiCloud Auto Attendant and Mobile Twinning allow them to easily link with desktop software or mobile phones for extra connectivity and enhanced productivity.

BCS Voice & Data is proud to be an Authorized Mitel Partner and offer cutting-edge IP handsets that work seamlessly with today’s unified communication systems. Reach out today and see how a Mitel system can enhance business collaboration and increase efficiency!

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