Why People Lose

People often lose money in Share market by trading on Share Trading tips provided by their friends & Relatives. They take advise from brokers and their employees. People work on share trading tips given on news channels. They don’t even know when is the right time to get in and out of any stock. They don’t have right kind of tools to analyse the stocks.All this leads to losses in the market.

Why use BigProfit for Share Trading Tips

We at Bigprofit em-panels the best analysts who provide high performing share trading tips in India. We have more than 50+ analysts on board and we are working hard in adding more and more high performing analysts and advisers day by day. All the analysts who provide share market tips on our platform are well qualified and registered with SEBI. Users can easily download the app and check the past performance and ratings of these analysts before subscribing them. If you want to have a look at em-paneled analysts please click here.

BigProfit App users can also check analyst ranking segment wise, and take a wise decision in choosing the best analyst for himself. The ranking is updated on the basis of calendar month performance.

All share market tips are generated using state-of the art and latest technical analysis softwares.  Analysts takes due care while providing these share recommendation to the user. The success rate of stock recommendation on our app is very high as compared to any other individual websites. Buying research subscriptions from our app assures users that he will get a refund if the calls are not provided. He can also directly call our toll free number in case of any issue. Our customer support is best in the Industry.

We use best & the latest technology to give share trading tips to users so that users get all these recommendations on time, he also gets an option to subscribe SMS for all the recommendations.

BigProfit is currently trusted by more than 60000 investors & continuously  growing.