On the upper right corner of the analyst panel, just click on your name, then settings and there you can reset the password
At the time of login you will see there is an option as lost my password. Just click on that and the new tab will open, there you have to enter your registered email id. The reset link will be forwarded to your registered mail id. There you can create your new password.
Just go to the left side panel, there you can see the tab of subscribers, after clicking on there you can see all the subscribers of yours, You can filter that out also in paid subscribers, free subscribers.
As you will login to your analyst panel, on the left side you will the tab of notifications. When you will click on that, on the right side Add Notification button will appear there in the green color. On clicking that button you can post the notification in your segment which you have chosen.
When you will click on the add notification button, there is an option of price, there you can choose the above, below or @ option.
You just go to the notifications page and you will see your all last send  notifications, just below the every notification, in the right side, there are options to View, Edit call, Close call, Target Met and Stop Loss hit. According to the status of the call you can update.
Subscribers mean all those users of our app who your free trial users or paid users. All section stand for all the people who have downloaded our app. If you will send the notification to the subscribers than it will go the subscribers of your services only. If you select the all option, than the notification will go to the all the users of our app.
Yes, You can change the Target and SL at any time in any active notifications. There is an option also to enter the remarks.
On the notification page, you can see all your past notifications.
Just below the every notification, in the right side, there are options of View, Edit call, Close call, Target Met and Stop Loss hit. This all actions you can perform on this page.
Just click on your picture in the analyst panel, in upper left corner. After clicking there the profile page will open. In the profile page there are four options. The last option is named as earnings. There you will see your life time earnings, balance and transaction ledger.
Just go to the earnings options, there you can see the total earnings and the redeemable amount also. Click on the redeem option to request the redeemable amount. We will remit it within 24 hrs of request.
The user who have taken your paid subscription only that user can rate you. He can leave a comment also. Only you can see the reviews given by the paid users.
When a user ask any query related to particular stock, after paying the per question fee (decided by you at the time of registration.) The question will appear here and you are requested to close the thread after answering it.
Just click on you name and then profile page will be open, there is an option Active services, from there you can see all your active services.
Dear Analyst, In your analyst panel there is an option in the left side as contact admin. You can contact us from there. Anytime you can mail us on Analyst@bigprofitapp.com or call us at 8860636662