Top Buy and Sell Idea in the Choppy Market from Power Bull

Market is really choppy as NIFTY has closed below 10651 and have strong pullback today. Again it has been locked with the sideways trend between 10651 (lower circuit) and 10950 (upper circuit). So we cannot confirm the trend of market will be bullish or bearish. As government announced some investment in PSU bank has lifted the market from crucial fall last day.
What are the best buy and sell ideas in this market?
  1. Steel sectors are bouncing back and we expect good rally as we communicated in the last email. So bet on steel stocks. Jindal steel
  2. Media stocks are bouncing back as Zee companies confirmed the stake sale and how pledged stocks has affected the market price.
  3. Energy stocks supposed to do well based on the current crude oil price trend. – ONGC soon rally and test 165
  4. Auto still in bearish mode and expecting strong reversal sign.