Power Bull is a leading stock advisory  with a proven track history & authorized by SEBI. We understand the needs of the investor and offer
different services based on our customer’s risk profile. “Risk-Reward” services are particularly designed for day traders while positional
services helps working and business class. We developed our robust software which performs fundamental and technical analysis on a daily
basis. Our service offers unique features & helps identify the multibagger stocks at an earlier stage by using numerous valuation
techniques. Definitely it is a tedious and time consuming process for any individual or small corporate. We make stock market easy by
screening the “Best Stock” and provide “Buy / Sell” call during day time. We assure and guarantee that our service guides you to identify
the right stock which has potential to grab good returns in the near future. Transparency, Technology and Trust are our guiding principles.
We strive hard to provide the best trading / investment strategies to our investors at a modest fee.